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Our Solutions
for Your Industry

Online and Mobile Gaming

Our bread and butter business - regardless if you are an indie developer or a local publisher, we enable you to self-publish globally or enter specific markets through our in-house PM, CM/CS and Marketing services - almost acting like a co-publisher - or by connecting you to our local partners. Our services can be provided for a fixed monthly fee and/or on revenue share, are flexible in terms and volume plus we provide them white label - putting your brand in the spotlight and letting you collect the gross revenue and userbase!

Media & Entertainment industries

Our passion is games but our background is in media - so we know why media companies around the world are interested in online and mobile games. But don't just look at market figures: we can help you develop and implement the right strategy to use your content or reach new audiences in interactive media - from licensing to M&A.

Travel and Hospitality

With the dawn of new technologies the way people book and experience their journeys changes. Will you equip the latest business class product or hotel arcade with VR systems, use AR concepts to help customers find their destination or manage bookings in the block chain? In any case, we are your partner.

Industrial Design, Retail and Architecture

Customers no longer want to imagine a product - they want to see it before they buy. Let them view their new kitchen in VR or even roam the whole building. We can consult you on both setting up the infrastructure as well as producing the content for your virtual showroom or industrial visualization.

Other Industries

We have experience in various industries on a variety of IT projects with each being very individual - from introducing a new survey tool to developing a way to verify documents. We often start with management seminars to help you define your goals and then work with you to implement them step by step. Contact us to discuss your goals.

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